Oct 4 Harlem Rally for Justice

                  Harlem Rally for Justice (Oct 4 2014)   2014 Vila flyer Download 2014 Vila flyer (PDF file)       More »

We demand Justice for fast-food and low wage workers

                The fastest growing jobs in the United States are also the lowest paid. Fast food and retail provide an increasing share of our new More »

The general crisis of Capitalism

Daniel Vila has been a member of the May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights since its creation in 2006 This crisis is combined with the general crisis of capitalism. Since More »

Big business Democrats & Republicans attack Jobs, Social Security, Benefits

Despite the unprecedented rise of the stock market, reflecting a healthy, wealthy business sector and after several months of threatening a ‘fiscal cliff’, the US ruling elite have launched the much talked More »

What NOT to expect from Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio was elected by an overwhelming 73% of the votes (although only 22-25% of registered voters turned out). This huge majority reflects the desire for change for change from the More »


2016 Campaign for Justice


Harlem Rally for Justice (Oct 15 2016)


2016 Harlem Rally flyer

Download 2014 Vila flyer (PDF file)